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Simplify your methoding. With NovaMethod you are able to easily create and edit your 3D model before simulating the casting detail. NovaMethod works perfectly as a preprocessor to our simulation software, NovaFlow&Solid and NovaOne, but can also be used independently.

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NovaGating is an innovative program that calculates the gating systems based on velocity. NovaGating is an add-on module to NovaMethod.

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NovaFeeding is an innovative program that is developed to calculate the feeding system including the neck dimensions.


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NovaFlow&Solid can simulate most commercial casting methods, such as gravity sand and permanent mold, low pressure die casting, high pressure die casting, lost wax method, tilt pouring, counter gravity casting, centrifugal casting and lost foam process.

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NovaOne HPD can simulate both cold- and hot chamber methods. It is possible to simulate more or less all commercial materials used for high pressure die casting like aluminum alloys and zinc alloys.

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NovaOne Gravity is an innovative casting process simulation tool that simulates mold filling and solidification. With NovaOne Gravity, you can simulate gravity sand casting, gravity permanent mold and lost wax method.

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NovaStress is fully integrated into the NovaFlow&Solid package and gives the ultimate casting simulation solution. The program uses the same meshing technology as NovaFlow&Solid, CVM (Control Volume Mesh), which exactly describes the original solid geometry. The calculation speed is very fast thanks to a specific calculation method with full contact task.


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MetalMaster helps you plan and calculate the most economical charge composition for your foundry. The aim is to reach the targeted chemical composition for a specific quality to the lowest possible cost. MetalMaster can easily be used as a support system to ATAS MetStar.

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The demand of minimizing CO2 emissions are getting higher. We are convinced that being able to calculate each product’s CO2 impact is a competitive advantage and we have a strong belief that this will soon enough be a requirement. We have come up with a way to easily calculate the entire cost of a casted product, financially as well as environmentally – completely streamlined for the foundry industry.


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ATAS MetPro is a process management and data collection system that guides the foundry staff through the complete charging and melting process.

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ATAS MetStar

ATAS MetStar is an easy to use, adaptive metallurgical process control system for analyzing, stabilizing and optimizing the metallurgical production process. ATAS MetStar is the fundamental tool for a foundry to improve quality, control and increase stability of the metallurgical parameters. The result is reduced scrap rate, less energy consumption and a greener planet.

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